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During the Naruto’s Footsteps: The newest Friends’ Routes [ ]

Head post: Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission Regarding the comic strip, she is actually delivered towards objective towards the Land out-of Birds having Naruto and you can Neji. With this mission, this new capabilities away from her taijutsu skills was in fact found when struggled assassins in addition to their unique high preciseness when she had the Cursed Warrior. When she, Naruto and you can Neji found a trap who possibly set out of in the event the don’t strike improperly, Tenten took it upon by herself to allow themselves to pass shortly after correctly dismantling they. She after smacked Naruto to have faking his very own dying and you will reported she are concerned with your. While this is actually genuine, she demonstrated fury to the Naruto and Neji to own leaving their how to date a Belfast lady particular out of their bundle.

Konoha Arrangements Recapture Purpose [ ]

Head article: Konoha Preparations Recapture Objective Regarding the comic strip, brand new Konoha eleven are produced together with her to eliminate Genno away from bombing Konoha. Tenten is actually proven to be an incredibly eager observer, picking up for the issues one someone else skipped.

Menma Memories Research Mission [ ]

Head blog post: Menma Thoughts Search Mission Regarding the comic strip, she, Neji and Naruto was basically allotted to escort Menma – an earlier man who’s got amnesia – on Home out-of Vegetables.

Sunagakure Service Goal [ ]

Main article: Sunagakure Support Mission From the cartoon, Tenten is the only one out of the Konoha eleven so you can remain from the goal to store Gaara’s student out of the Four Celestial Icons Dudes, and Tenten scolded Lee for this. Lee said one to Tenten try away on another purpose thereby failed to attended, even in the event Tenten assaulted your anyhow, making use of the Dynamic Accessibility beat him.

Interlude [ ]

Fundamental blog post: During the Naruto’s Footsteps: New Friends’ Paths On cartoon, on a couple of years later, Tenten’s party joined a young Chunin Examination hosted between Konoha and you may Sunagakure. Toward first exam, Tenten and her teammates were at random divided into additional bed room. Shikamaru, as the proctor, said that everybody just should respond to one to matter towards the sample, but their team’s combined rating need to equivalent precisely 100 what to violation. Neji decided to send oscillations from the wall structure to share with his party hence matter they need to per address. After, Shikamaru trained folks to resolve an advantage matter of what teammate is forfeited just like the an important, to which see your face was disqualified. Tenten, being faithful, chosen never to respond to anyway, and finally their own cluster entry the first bullet. A dash so you can Sunagakure was then approved in which just the very first 31 organizations to arrive do be eligible for the next examination.

Ultimately, Tenten’s party arrive in time and energy to be considered. 24 hours later, next examination first started. For each party is actually per considering both an eden otherwise Planet search and you will were expected to get the lost scroll and you will give them towards the fundamental building of Demon Wilderness within 3 days. Once the Neji’s party began looking opposition, these were in the near future came across because of the an excellent Suna-nin group. Sen eliminated a great genjutsu, sharing to help you Tenten’s people which they was in fact position inside the quicksand and you can have been dragged with the Mud Waterfall Gap. Once managing to leave the latest gap, they discover People Shira and you will protected them using their treacherous other Suna-nin. Once the Neji expected as to the reasons they assaulted Shira’s team whatsoever, it actually was informed me they’d zero admiration to own Shira due to the fact an excellent ninja given that he kept no ability in ninjutsu neither genjutsu.

Identifying Shira’s similar problems, Lee angrily went after the other Suna-nin. Tenten and you may Shira’s teams in the near future trapped into the overzealous Lee and protected him in the Suna-nin’s group physical violence. After the most other Suna-nin left, Lee challenged Shira, that your latter joyfully accepts. Tenten is surprised exactly how equivalent the two fought. In the event the two taijutsu fighters began heading most of the-away, Lee having five of your Seven Doorways and Shira having fun with their self-written Eight Heavens Respiration Strategy, the battle is sooner titled away from.